Ministry of economics, as the only stakeholder of Latvenergo, announces five vacancies of supervisory board members, including two independent board members.

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Additional information about the vacancy and search process is available at the home page of Ministry of Economics
Project is led by Fontes Senior consultant Ms. Inese Kamarūte:

the presentation on the annual General Compensation Survey

On September 18th, the presentation on the annual General Compensation Survey took place.

Experts shared experience, knowledge and prognosis: 

  • Mārtiņš Kazāks, Lead Economist from Swedbank, AS: „Tendencies of economics and their effect on the labour market”
  • Inese Zepa, Survey Team Leader from Fontes Vadības konsultācijas, SIA: „Facts and interpretation, management prognosis in organizational and personnel management areas in 2014”

It was a pleasure to meet 150 managers after the presentation and spend some time in talks over the glass of wine and snacks.

Survey presentation, 2013

On September 19th, the presentation on the annual General Compensation Survey took place in Islande Hotel, Riga. Three experts shared experience, knowledge and prognosis:

  • Edmunds Rudzītis, Household economist from SEB banka: „Tendencies of economics and their effect on the labour market”
  • Inga Gleizdāne, Fontes Vadības konsultācijas Survey Team leader: „Facts and interpretation; management prognosis in organizational and personal management spheres in 2013”
  • Vesa-Pekka Lankinen, representative of Mercer: "International compensation and benefit trends".

It was a pleasure to meet more than 100 managers after the presentation and spend some time in talks over the glass of vine and snacks.

After a job well done…

Annual trips abroad have become a tradition of the Fontes team. They happen to serve two principles in one – both building the integrity of the team and a vacation after a job well done.
This year was not an exception – in October we went to Greece. First we spent a few days in Athens, walking around the city and getting to know the Acropolis. Afterwards, we visited Paros - a Greek island located in the sea of Aegea. Although the weather did not pamper us, we spent an excellent time. We went on a sightseeing tour around the island, enjoyed the local dishes and visited the winery of Moraitis. This winery is highly valued among the locals but as like many Greek wines, is not very widely known oustide the country boarders. In the wine tastings we came to a notion that the Greek wines are exceptionally good, and that their low recognition is not deserved.
At the end of the journey, we went on a boat trip. It was the best part of the vacation – a beautiful, sunny day, turquoise sea, cliffs, a swim in the Aegean sea, and endless fun.

Fontes 15th Anniversary

In a beautiful autumn day - September 15, Fontes invited its long-term cooperation partners and clients to a pleasant evening in the cozy premises of Spīķeri, in order to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of Fontes - coming of age celebration.

In the first part of the evening, the participants of the 2011 compensation survey were given an insight in the current overall economic tendencies in Latvia, especially – in the labour market. A social economics expert from SEB bank – Edmunds Rudzītis, concluded his review with a quote: “"None of the small European countries have to soar like the eagle. What they have learned to cultivate is an amazing capacity to jump" (Peter J.Katzenstein "Small States in World Markets",1985).” The Fontes Survey Team Leader Inga Gleizdāne, however, introduced the results of the most recent compensation survey and invited the managers to take part in the interpretation of the tendencies and the modeling of the prognosis on the development tendencies of the labour market.

In the second part of the evening, an informal atmosphere was assured by the great Baiba Sipeniece – Gavare. The head of Fontes – Inese Kamarūte, thanked the clients, partners and friends who were present, for being and growing together for 15 years.