About Us

Fontes is the first  company in the Baltic States which started to offer Executive search and Human Resource Management consulting in 1991, Tartu, Estonia.

In 1996, Fontes started to offer Executive search and Human Resource Management consulting in Latvia. Fontes was launched in Lithuania in 2000. The same year Fontes started its cooperation with the biggest Management Assesment company worldwide - SHL, and now is its representative in Latvia and Estonia.

In 2004 Fontes signed a contract of cooperation with the biggest independent Executive search company in the world - AIMS International. Fontes is a represantive of this enterprise network both in Latvia and Estonia.

Fontes group was established in 2008, Latvia, and is formed of three companies:

  • SIA AIMS International Latvia offers Executive search, evaluation and couching services, as well as provides support at termination of employment
  • SIA Fontes VadÄ«bas konsultācijas supports organizations in developing and implementing compansation systems, perform process, function and duty audits and compensation surveys
  • UAB Baltic Human Resource Consulting represents compensation surveys under the brand Baltic Salary Survey in Lithuania.

From year 2013, Fontes has commenced cooperation with the leading global Human Resource Management consulting company- Mercer, which is represented in more than 110 countries worlwide.

Fontes values:

Fontes provides solutions according to customer requirements.
Fontes provides information confidentiality.
Fontes creates the most appropriate solution for each client.
Close cooperation between Fontes consultants and clients. We are partners who help to achieve common goals.
Fontes will initiate changes in the projects.
Fontes focuses on improvement, - self-development, providing expertise to customers.
Fontes participates in discussions, conferences, providing expert advice for general and human resource management, questions. Fontes also collaborates with associations, government ministries.